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If you wish to share a competition with us, advertise with us, or work with us, or have an inquiry you can contact the editor at duncan at or fill in the form below

Please note that we compile and link to competitions, offers, free samples and freebies, we do not run our own and are unable to assist if you are looking for donations of free samples, as much as we’d love to help.

You’ve been linked to and have either run out of free samples/ freebie, or your competition has ended:

If you have run out of your freebies/ free sample offer or your competition has ended please let us know and we are more than happy to amend our post to note that it is no longer available. We’re happy to help and hope you let us know/ share with us again in the future if and when you are offering a freebie/ free sample or competition so we can list it.

Our traffic skews female 25-50 and as we’ve found recently is usually a highly desirable audience when it comes to purchasing decisions and advertising.

If you have a problem with a post:

Of late sadly we’ve had a number of messages from companies that have made proto-legal claims that include statements such as “you have no permission to link to us,” “it is illegal to link to us,” “you have no permission to promote our offer,” and other similar claims.

Please note that we aggregate publicly available information on the internet. We would not link to ANY SITE that does not offer what we state, and indeed where possible we always detail what is on offer, as detailed from the site linked to, and that mostly includes direct quotes and criteria required to apply for such offers.

It is 100% legal in Australia to both link to a site, and to report a fact that is publicly available (in the case of our posts, we simply report that you are offering an XYZ sample or ABC giveaway, of DEF competition.) The easiest way to explain this is to describe as simply a newspaper or similar news site that reports facts: that is all we do.

That said if we have accidentally factually misrepresented an offer, or if we have misinterpreted something on your website, we are ALWAYS happy to correct it.

We are often asked to post free offers and competitions by companies and we love being asked (and if you’re one of those, please do!!!).

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