about 4aus

My reason to be as fair as I can here and offer the best free Australian samples, free Australian competitions, and Australian offers I can.

For years I’ve watched my American friends get piles of freebies, and yet there seems to be little serious sites out there for Australia if you don’t know where to look.

Hence 4aus.com.

4auscom aims to deliver fresh, daily free samples, competitions and offers for Australia.

Free samples, competitions and offers that I myself would enter.

Unlike some of the other sites out there (there’s not a lot), we do have some rules as to what we post

  • You don’t have to register then enter, but you may need to register and enter at the same time. No one wants to register and go back to the competition, so we make it easy
  • We don’t post anything that is closing in a few days: if there’s not a week left on the competition (and longer on the sample) we don’t post it.
  • We don’t post overly complicated offers, such as “like our Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, then do something else” type offers. A like on Facebook then an entry (even with a few words) is fine, but some offers are way too complicated.
  • We only post free samples, competitions and offers we would enter ourselves (and for the record, I enter most if not all of them.)

I hope in the coming months and years to deliver a feast of free Australian samples, free Australian competitions, and free Australian offers that  YOU can also get online…I put my name to it.

Duncan Riley


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